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Well Testing

GSES Flowback and Well Testing services provide safe and dependable well testing and flow control. GSES equipment includes a fleet of equipment that is capable of handling flow streams including H2S and CO2 as well as high wellhead pressures and temperatures. GSES operates under procedures and documents all maintenance history regarding equipment to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Hydraulic Manifolds

Pressure rated up to 15,000 psi

Hydraulic Command Center with Automation

Gate valve manifolds

5 & 9 valve manifolds

Hydraulic & Manual Plug Catchers

3 & 4 phase separators

Low pressure separators 250 psi to 740 psi

High pressure separators 1440 psi to 2220 psi

Sand Separators

Standard, cyclonic and Spherical

Pressure rating from 5k thru 15k

Line Heaters

Pressure Rating from 5k thru 15k psi

1 mmbtu to 2 mmbtu

Flare stacks

4 in & 6 in with auto igniters

40’ & 60’ tall

Flow Iron and Support equipment

Ranging from 5k thru 15k psi